API Authentication Procedure

API requests may require an access token assigned to registered users upon request. To acquire an API access token, please use the following steps:

  1. Register a user account here:
  2. Login, navigate to the user profile (using the sidebar menu on the left), and click the Request an API Access Token button.
  3. An administrator will be notified and then evaluate the request. If approved, the requester will be assigned an access token.
  4. When the token is assigned, the requester will receive a notification with a link to their assigned token.
  5. Tokens are appended to all request urls using the get parameter, api_token (e.g.,

Policies and Guidelines
  • For additional information regarding the usage of tokens, please see documentation provide by Swagger/Open API 3.0 available here.
  • Before approving a request, the administrator may require additional information from the requester.